About my hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzles

I love cutting jigsaw puzzles from wood.

I’m Mark Whitesell and for years I’ve been hand-making wooden jigsaw puzzles to the delight of my friends, family and customers.  I’ve dedicated myself to making high-quality, hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzles at a reasonable price so that more people can enjoy what higher quality feels like when compared to ordinary cardboard puzzles.

Why do so many people like my puzzles?  I’ve been told that besides being so beautiful to look at and to hold (they love feeling the solid wood in their hands) it’s because that while they are challenging, they aren’t so danged frustrating that they run away pulling their hair!  My puzzles are challenging but are still enjoyable to put together!

These are not your “ordinary” jigsaw puzzles.  Each puzzle piece is cut one at a time from Baltic Birch plywood which gives them a feel of luxury and solidness.  Every puzzle is unique – even if the picture is the same, the individual puzzle pieces are always different.

Many steps go into making a puzzle:  printing the image on special photo paper, mounting the photo on the 3mm Baltic Birch plywood, cutting the pieces with the finest blades (yes, really, cutting one piece at a time, by hand) and hand-signing and dating the special “MW” cutter’s piece.  Finally, the finished puzzle is neatly boxed up (with a guide photo that you can easily ignore if you choose!) and then delivered to you to enjoy for decades to come.

Putting together a hand-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzle is a special treat.  When you hold each piece you’ll feel how solid and smooth it feels.  You’ll be challenged by the unique cutting style but you’ll be so satisfied when it’s complete and you step back to realize that your puzzle is a very unique piece of art in and of itself.

Another thing that sets my puzzles apart from the cardboard-box puzzles is the level of personal service you receive when you order your puzzle.  You may ask for special puzzle pieces or make other special requests and I’ll do my best to make your request happen.

So, order your puzzle today – for a friend, for a gift, or just to indulge yourself.  You can order from one of my image collections or you can send me a photo (that you own) and I’ll turn it into something special!  Send me an email and we’ll start a conversation. 

I can’t wait to start cutting a hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle just for you!


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